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Crop Sales Closing Approaching

With spring planting season quickly approaching, now is a great time to get make an appointment with your crop agent to make sure you have your policy coverages in place before the sales closing deadline of March 15th.

Farmer Planting Corn

With the massive amount of hail and wind losses Nebraska, Iowa, and Dakotas had in the past couple years, I would highly encourage you to visit with your agent to discuss optional endorsements you can add to your MPCI policy. A popular endorsement I've been seeing in the Nebraska area is the ECO (Enhanced Coverage Option) endorsement which is an area based shallow-loss endorsement which will take your coverage limit from 86%

to 95%. A

nother coverage to consider is companion crop-hail which adds a private crop-hail policy to your existing multi-peril policy giving you both forms of coverage for the same crop.

Now if your looking for a new crop insurance agent, it's actually easy to switch between agents and companies. Most companies make switching hassle-free by simply signing a transfer application with your new agent and all your previous policy information and APH databases get transferred to the new carrier. I do

encourage you to visit with us for a easy review of your crop insurance program. You can give us a call at (402) 999-0779 for a free consultation.

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